• The story of Bibheads

    My daughter, Athena fell ill at 6 months when she caught a fever in 2016 for three days that was on and off. Since she was an infant, my child's doctor told us that we were unable to give her any medication. The doctor instead told us to use a cold compress on her head until the fever goes down and if it didn't then we would have to bring her to the hospital immediately. I began wetting towels with cold water and placed it on her forehead but noticed how messy the process was. The water was dripping on her face, soaking our bedsheets, and her clothes. I tried using an icepack on her forehead but everytime she moved on the bed, it would fall off and I would have to hold it on her head for a long time. The experience was exhausting, brutal, and scary but thankfully after three days her fever passed. After this I began thinking of a cold compress that would be long lasting, doesn’t drench bed sheets, and easy to use.That's when Bibheads was created.

    I wanted a product that was hands- free so that a cold compress couldn't fall off a child's head while they were sleeping, walking, or playing. I also added two gel packs inside the product on the forehead and the back of the neck to help cool down the body as quickly as possible. I made the gel packs easily removable from the product as well so that parents can use the gel packs anywhere else on the body incase a child falls and gets a bruise on their arms or legs. I believe all parents should have a Bibheads in their home to help them get rid of a fever fast and have an easier process when their child gets sick.