Never drench your child's face, clothes, or bedsheets again when using a cold compress to bring down their fever!

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Why choose Bibheads?

- A Bibhead is an all-natural cold or hot, hands-free, reusable compress for infants, toddlers, and kids who are unable to take medication when they catch a fever.

- Bibheads can grow with your baby since our product can easily wrap around a child's head with adjustable straps to fit any head size.

- The product has two gel packs inside that go across the forehead and the back of the neck which provides a long-lasting cooling effect.

- The gel packs are also easily removable and can be used for any other areas on the body as well. Overall, a Bibhead can provide a soothing experience when comforting your baby while they're sick.


    Bibheads is the perfect gift for all parents especially first time parents. Newborn babies can easily get sick with a fever and Bibheads is the best hands free, all-natural, and reusable cold compress that all parents need to bring down their child's fever fast and easy.

Do you suffer from migraines?

Not only can kids wear Bibheads but adults can too! The adjustable straps on the product can fit any headsize which allows adults to wear it as well. Many people suffer from migraines and Bibheads is a perfect natural cold compress that can ease pain without taking medication all the time.

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